Muddy Puddles – Jump Right In !

Bath? Who needs a bath?

Do you ever do things spontaneously, just for fun ?  Like the two muddy monsters above who just couldn’t resist jumping into the biggest yuckiest puddle! I love this photo, Maisie is looking so smug for being a good girl, Tess looks a little sorry, while Rosie obviously doesn’t care at all!

I think in the busyness of life, juggling the demands of home and work, it’s all to easy to forget to have fun. We have responsibilities, schedules, restraints of time and money, things to do, lists to get down, places to go, people to see ….  So I encourage you to think a little bit about YOU. About YOUR desires, needs, passions and joys. What makes your heart sing? Why not do more of it?! Be an example to those around you, give them permission too to follow their hearts and dreams, we are here, right now, at this time, to enjoy being alive. So breathe deep and jump right in!