Please enquire if the class you are interested in is not scheduled at the moment.
Workshops can also be arranged for groups of 4 or more including Pamper Days.

Gateway Workshops – please see the link to see information and prices.

Di is a tutor for Gateway Workshops an Award Winning National Training School – Providing Accredited Professional Massage, Beauty and Spiritual Recognised Courses Across the UK and Ireland.
Many Gateway classes are available to absolute beginners and others just to existing professional therapists. These are fully insurable one day classes and recognised by professional bodies. 
For further information and booking click on the logo below.

If you choose to book a class with Gateway please make sure you choose the correct location, Di Wilson and Tina Mount teach at the Yorkshire venue.

Diploma Beauty Classes are also available at The Healing Touch, taught by Tina Mount, please see here for further info.

Quantum Breath Energy Healing – Levels 1 and 2

No previous healing experience necessary. Quantum Breath classes take place regularly in Staintondale, classes can be arranged elsewhere. Feel free to email for further info.

Level 1 Class – 2 day workshop – £200

This introductory two day workshop teaches you the basic techniques of Quantum Breath, working with meditation, the breath, the chakras and simple hands on healing techniques. We work with self-healing and also practice with partners and small groups so that students can become familiar with using the Quantum Breath techniques and observe and feel the changes that Quantum Breath facilitates.

This course is for beginners and experienced alike no previous experience necessary, ideal for those looking to expand their healing skills (eg. Reiki practitioners) or those simply seeking more harmony and well-being.

Learn to:-
1. Use the power of intention and attention to initiate change.
2. Use meditation as a tool for focus and self-healing.
3. Use specific breathing and visualisation techniques to increase energy flow.
4. Channel the flow of life force energy through the body for self healing.
5. Explore chakra energy and include this in meditation and healing practice.
6. Work with empathy, intuition and joy when offering healing sessions.
7. Use healing mantras for meditation and group healing.

Level 2 Class – 2 day Practitioner Level Class – £220

The Level 2 class expands on the initial techniques and focusses more on
emotional healing. We also work with a wider chakra system, the emerging chakras, and use this for self-healing and hands on work.
Other healing techniques covered in the level 2 class include distant healing, colour healing, working without hands, gentle touch techniques and working
with higher beings. We also cover the practicalities and responsibilities of being a professional energy healer.

You are welcome to repeat a class as often as you like for extra practice and support,
this is offered to you at half price.

RASA Reiki and Seichem

RASA (Reiki and Seichem Association) Training with Di Wilson

Reiki and Seichem are ancient healing systems which involve the transference of concentrated and natural healing energy. Reiki (pronounced ray-key), is part of the fuller and more powerful system of Seichem (pronounced saykeem). Reiki and Seichem are simple healing arts, ANYONE can learn how to use them.

Reiki and Seichem are taught in three levels, each level attuning the participant to higher degrees of healing energy. All the workshops are conducted in a caring and supportive environment, I teach with a love and deep respect for Reiki and Seichem. I believe that I have found the balance between providing an informative and structured workshop with the sharing of the love, emotion, empowerment and joy of Reiki/Seichem. Classes are kept small, allowing for the bonding of the group and feeling of family.

Making the decision to do a Reiki/Seichem workshop means that you are acknowledging your desire to further your spiritual and personal growth. This is not just a way of doing hands on healing, it becomes a way of life. This is a very important stage on your path and it is essential to feel “in tune” with your Reiki/Seichem master in order to fully experience ‘magic’ of the workshop.

RASA Reiki First Degree
Reiki first degree opens you up to the wonderful gift of Reiki. Following a Reiki one class you will be able to channel Reiki energy for yourself and others, this ability will remain with you for the rest of your life! Reiki first degree involves learning about the history, principles and theory of Reiki. Following a Reiki one class you are encouraged to do regular self-treatments and to begin to explore your use of Reiki on others, and in many areas of your life.
Cost £100 (deposit £25)

RASA Reiki Second Degree
Some people who have done Reiki first degree then wish to take their Reiki empowerment a step further. Reiki second degree strengthens your ability to channel Reiki, it also introduces you to six ancient symbols which are the keys to distant, emotional and mental healing. Reiki two enables you to work on life issues in a powerful way, it often develops your intuition and self-awareness and connects you more closely to your path. Cost £150 (deposit £35)

RASA Seichem
Seichem is an evolving system, which is very powerful. Seichem promotes personal and spiritual growth. Seichem often enhances psychic awareness and intuition. Seichem includes Reiki.

Seichem First Degree (For anyone who has Reiki first degree or higher)
Seichem attunes you to all four elemental healing rays of earth (Reiki), fire (Sakara), water (Sophi-El) and air (Angeliclight). Following a Seichem attunement you will feel the difference in your healing straight away. We work with techniques for mental and emotional healing, plus a variety of ways of guiding and releasing energy. Cost £45 (deposit £20)

Seichem Second Degree
In this level of Seichem you are introduced to a variety of symbols and distant healing techniques. Cost £180 if you have Reiki first degree or £60 if you have previously done Reiki second degree (deposit £25)

Reiki and Seichem Mastership.
Third degree is a further empowerment to the RASA system of Reiki and Seichem. If you have an ínner knowíng that you should take your Masters you will also know when you are ready to take thís momentous step. The Masters workshop is a major acknowledgement of your spiritual and personal growth, it allows you, if you wish, to teach Reiki and Seichem to others. Reiki can be taken alone or within a Seichem class.
Reiki masters £350 Seichem Masters £600

(Note if you have done RASA Reiki Masters with Di the cost for Seichem Masters is £250
If you are Reiki Master from a different system or with a different teacher please enquire for prices, thank you.)


Egyptian Cartouche Day Time:

10.30 –16.30 Cost £75
If you have a ‘thing’ about Egypt you will find this workshop fascinating. The day consists of 25 attunements into archetypal energies of Ancient Egypt, based on the cards Egyptian Cartouche. Seichem Masters can also spend an extra hour for Cartouche Mastership at the end of the day – please enquire for details.

Meditation Day Time:

10.30 –16.30 Cost £40
Regular meditation has many benefits, but many people struggle to find a way of meditating that suits them. During this day we will experience a variety of meditation techniques plus get chance to experience some of Di’s blissful visualisations.

Holistic Therapy Taster Day Time:

10.30 –16.30 Cost £40
During this informative and relaxing day you will get the chance to give and receive Indian head Massage and Crystal healing, plus experience EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). This will be a perfect day to have some time out to de-stress, relax and rejuvenate plus of course learn some techniques that you can share with others.

Pamper and Relaxation Day Time:

10.30 –16.30 Cost £40
This is a peaceful and relaxing day where you get the chance to give and receive Hand and Arm massage and Indian Head Massage. We will also talk about Reiki and ‘play’ with energy, plus you will experience a foot pampering session. Open to all, why not bring a friend? Please bring a towel. No previous experience needed.

Reiki Share Day Time:

10.30 – 3.30 Cost £25
A day to give energy workers the chance to share treatments, meditate, enjoy meeting like-minded friends and perhaps even learn something new. Open to all interested in healing, come and have some time out for yourself. CPD certificate of attendance.

Feeling Great, Perfect Weight Time:

11.00 – 13.30 Cost £10
Do you have blockages to healthy eating and to keeping active? Would you like to have more energy? Would you like to drop a dress (trousers) size or two? This mini-workshop will help you to focus on being your perfect weight, having more energy and feeling wonderful! Using a variety of therapuetic techniqes you will be able to release your blockages and focus on feeling good. Forever Living weight management products will also be discussed and sampled as part of this class.

Retreat Day – A Space to Be Time:

10.30 – 15.30 Cost £15
A perfect day to have some time out with like-minded people. No set agenda other than an opening and closing meditation. Simply time to be together; play with crystals and cards, read books, swap therapies and stories and do whatever feels right. Come and spend a day with friends, have a walk in Staintondale or choose rocks from the beach. Price includes soup and a roll at lunch-time. This is a day to re-energize and re-connect, you deserve it! By the sea, a space to be.