From Mexico to Menorca

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I’ve just returned from a lovely break in Menorca and that followed a fabulous trip to Cancun. How lucky am I to be able to adventure to new places and enjoy time out with some very special friends. On both trips we saw boats of all shapes and sizes and talked about which ones we liked and which ones we would have. I love day dreaming like this, visualising potential futures, do you do this too?

I absolutely believe in the power of imagination and intent and I spend time every day visualising my dreams, more than just fantasies, but actual intentions that I have about my future. I love being a Dreamer and I love to encourage other people to dream too. What would happen if you took the lid off your dreams?

I’ve had times in my life when I felt like my dreams were shrinking, when, for whatever reason, my dreams seemed to be getting further away instead of closer. Thankfully I remained positive and trusted that all would work out perfectly. Through staying focussed on what I do want I have been able to make some great decisions and now I’m moving towards dreams that are even bigger and brighter than ever before. I refused to listen to the dream stealers that are out there and remained full of gratitude for the past, present and future. And so it is from this attitude of gratitude that I visualise my dreams every single day, I see them in full sound and colour, bright, bold and clear and I know for certain that the future is amazing.

So I encourage you too to dream big, to give your dreams wings to fly, to fly (or sail) wherever you want life to take you.


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