Choosing a crystal is often a very personal experience. Usually you are attracted to the crystals that you most need, they twinkle at you cheekily or you simply hear them saying in your mind 'hello please take me home!'

Crystals need to be looked after carefully, they need to be cleansed, attuned to and programmed in order to work most effectively.

Cleansing, Attuning to, Dedicating and Programming Crystals
There are a multitude of different ways of cleansing crystals, I’m sure that you will find one that you are comfortable with from the list below. Crystals soak in negative energy (which is one of the reasons why they are so useful) and need to be cleansed regularly. Crystals that are new to you always need cleansing so as to clear them of any past energies/programming that may not be compatible to you. If a crystal is cleansed properly it will be able to work at its highest vibration.

Smudge / Incense - hold the crystal within the smoke of a smudge or incense stick. Affirming as you do so that the crystal can release any stale energy and become pure and clear. Sage smudge is especially good as sage has the ability to clear and uplift the emotional, mental and spiritual states. We sell smudge sticks in the shop, they are a great way of cleansing your home and workspace too.

The Earth – try burying your crystals in the earth for several days, but remember where you bury them!

Sea Salt or Rice – Some therapists leave their crystals immersed in sea salt or rice for several days (note I have not used this technique it seems to messy to me!) The salt or rice will draw out any negative energy. Please do not eat the rice or salt afterwards!

Crystal Clusters – Crystals can be placed on a crystal cluster for cleansing. Clear clusters and amethyst beds are particularly good for this.

Music – We use Tibetan ting-shas or singing bowls to cleanse the crystals, the pure notes simply wash away any negativity. This is a very good way of cleansing a large number of crystals.

Breathing – You can use your breath to cleanse a crystal. Inhale deeply and hold the breath, affirm that you wish to use this breath to transform any imbalanced energies within the crystal. Exhale slowly onto the crystal, visualising the cleansing process. This may need to be repeated several times until the crystal ‘feels’ clean.

Water – hold your crystal under running water, visualise white light pouring over the crystal and cleansing away any negativity. NB If you are using a natural source of water for example a river or the sea, be careful not to drop your crystal! If you are using tap water remember that it may contain many impurities. Also please note that not all crystals like water, selenite for example is water soluble.

Reiki – probably the simplest way of cleansing your crystal, hold it in your hands and offer it reiki or QT. As the healing energy flows through the crystal it will cleanse and clear any negativity.

Also crystals enjoy moonlight, sunlight, rain and thunderstorms; if you treat them to this regularly their energies will remain high. One of my friends takes her crystals out to sunbathe with her, they have their own towel!

To attune to a crystal you need to hold it in your non-dominant hand and connect with it’s energy. Find your own quiet place of stillness and peace, then bring your awareness to the crystal. As you connect with the energies of the crystal you may become aware of its qualities and capabilities. The more that you practise this procedure the easier it will become. When you are familiar with this process it can seem like you are having a ‘conversation’ with the crystal. It may communicate with you via words, images, feelings or simply a ‘knowingness’.

Once you are aware of the qualities of a crystal you may then decide to programme it, i.e. to give it a specific use. To do this, hold you crystal in your dominant hand and find your quiet space once more. Ask the crystal if it would like to work with you in a specific way, for example you may ask a crystal to help you to connect with your intuition when you are doing healing work. Once you have made your request you need to be open to receiving an answer from your crystal, most crystals love to be given work to do!
It is important to dedicate your crystal to be used for the highest good of all. Hold your crystal in your dominant hand, connecting your energies. Say something along the lines of ‘from this moment I ask that this crystal may only be used In the name of love and the highest light. I ask that it is used for the universal highest good of all.’

When you are working with crystals it is important to follow your intuition and do what you think is right. I intuitively know which crystals to ‘take out with me’ for the day and which to work with. Crystals can help just by sitting in your pocket or by being close to you. I often meditate with a crystal or simply hold one when I am relaxing. The more that you use your crystals the more like friends they become, I wish you many happy times together!