Quantum Breath


What is Quantum Breath?

Quantum Breath is a method of energy healing developed by Di Wilson. Quantum Breath includes meditation, breath-work and energy awareness techniques in order to do self-healing and offer energy healing to others.

How does it work?

Quantum Breath techniques involve connecting with and amplifying life-force energy, which is most often referred to as “Chi” or “Prana”. Quantum Breath focuses on increasing the vibration of an area or person in order for healing to occur, the person receiving the energy is ‘the healer’, using their own higher wisdom to utilize the energy, release blockages, relax and re-balance.

What is the treatment like?

To receive the treatment you will stay fully clothed, sometimes you will remain seated, at other times your therapist may ask you to lie on a therapy couch, usually snuggled in a blanket. The practitioner gently places his or her hands on the area that needs healing. You may hear your practitioner doing deep breathing exercises and you will be encouraged to breath deeply too. Sometimes the therapist will speak to you during the session, at other times you will be left to quietly relax. The treatment feels very natural and a feeling of well-being is often experienced. You will be asked to drink water following the session.

What effect does it have?

Most people experience Quantum Breath as being very relaxing, instilling a great sense of peace and calm. Stress and tension are released and pain often disappears after a short period of time. Quantum Breath can help to restore balance on many levels, it is valuable for emotional healing as well as physical healing, bringing comfort and peace.

Who can be helped?

The body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself and Quantum Breath supports this. Ultimately, if the body can, it will heal itself and Quantum Breath accelerates this process. Because Quantum Breath works on an emotional, mental and physical level it can therefore help with a variety of conditions and ailments. It can rapidly bring down inflammation, speed up healing, reduce pain, balance emotions and much more. It is therefore suitable for most everyone, children enjoy Quantum Breath sessions as do adults of all ages, including the elderly.

I teach the Quantum Breath system in two, two day classes, levels one and two.The classes are accredited via the Healer Foundation, The British Complementary Medical Association and the Complementary Medical Association. This is a system where you can get to practitioner level in two weekends. With NO registration fee to become a certified practitioner and NO annual fee. Annual CPD days however are recommended by your insuring body.

Feel free to email me for further information about the Quantum Breath classes, suitable for beginners and experienced energy healers.