An Absolutely wonderful course, everyone should do this. I leave at the end of the second day feeling emotionally free, re-aligned, invigorated, inspired and just ready and raring to face whatever challenges come.


Amazing! As this was my first healing workshop I was excited and apprehensive. Over the two days I have been on such a journey, and felt supported, nurtured and loved. Thank you Di for the most incredible start to my journey. I know I will remember this weekend forever

Teacher - Rotherham

Even though I was very open to results from the course, I have to say I’ve been blown away by it. It has made such an amazing difference to my life, in so many ways. Firstly my back; not only is the pain gone but everything is so much easier. I can walk faster, sit as long as I want, sleep without pain, stand as long as I want and drive without pain, to name just a few benefits. So I wanted to say a big thank you to you for everything. Imagine if you hadn’t become an instructor, I might still be in pain!!


This stuff has really woke up in me, I even found myself running energy whilst doing cardiac massage yesterday - and we got a good result!! The patient survived to get to ITU. So now I find I'm running energy into EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE!! Even one of my consultants had me running energy into his stress fractures in his foot yesterday!!

Nurse - Cleveland

Having worked with energy for years and other healing modalities, Di Wilson is one of the best practitioners and teachers that I have had the good fortune to be a student of

Radio Presenter - Edinburgh

Fabulous, mind-blowing and even better than all the other healing work I have previously done.


The love, joy and inspiration Di sends out is fantastic. One of the best weekends of my life, I have grown as a person and as a soul.


Di’s love for the work and love within permeates everything

Teacher - Sweden

Di is a thoroughly inspiring instructor.


Di obviously loves what she does and shines this on everyone


Di has a wonderful energy that ignites the room and instills a gentle confidence


A lovely course in an idyllic setting with like minded people. It was a wonderful experience with amazing results! Thank You!


Di is a gifted teacher, healer and leader – a privilege to know and work with her.


I had no idea just how amazing meeting Di would be, I feel honoured for this experience.


I appreciate Di’s clarity, gentleness, humour and humbleness


The most powerful force of energy, love and gratefulness I have ever experienced in my life.


Di is a truly inspirational teacher. The content was phenomenal! WOW!


‘I am constantly impressed with Di Wilson, and what she offers at The Healing Touch. My 9yr old daughter struggles with anxiety, and after many trips to the NHS to try and identify and resolve – unsuccessfully, I discussed with Di. We decided on EFT – which has been a revelation. Her approach and kind manner, instantly put the whole family at ease, and she quickly found a level that my daughter could respond to. To be honest, at the start I was slightly skeptical, but desperate to help my little girl. Some of the things that Di was able to draw from her was hard to hear, but a relief to finally understand what had been upsetting her. Di then taught us the technique of EFT, and we have never looked back. I can truthfully say, that is has transformed my daughters life, and gives her confidence in otherwise anxious situations. It has also helped me as a mother feel capable and armed with a new ‘tool’ to help guide my children through life well. Thank you Di & all that you do at The Healing Touch.’  Theresa – Scarborough

‘Di was absolutely fantastic, the course far exceeded my expectations. She was very friendly, engaging and made the course very informative and fun. I have already booked my next course with her.’  Nicola – East Yorkshire

‘A magical day with a lovely, warm and knowledgeable teacher. Gorgeous location and great to connect with like minded people. The course was interesting, informative and fun. Wonderful to meet Di, what a lovely lady.’   Heather – Harrogate

“Well where do I begin? Di was a wonderful tutor, helpful, welcoming, knowledgeable and fun to work with.  The day was really enjoyable from start to finish. Di explained every step, was encouraging and her teaching was easy to follow. I gained more than just a new therapy, which I’m excited to start practicing, I also was able to discuss other courses which might be helpful to me and so much practical advice and handy tips from Di to use with my existing therapies. All in all, a really positive day and I’m definitely going to book further courses – so much choice! Thank you, Wendy.’          Wendy – Therapist, York

‘Di is a great tutor, easy going the environment is fantastic and really conducive to learning, I would recommend Di and the venue to anyone’   Jo – Scunthorpe

‘Di. was vey welcoming and friendly with a thorough approach. An outstanding expert in her field of knowledge. Her method of teaching was easy to understand which made for a very enjoyable day, and I feel I have benefited greatly from this course. A very big thank you to Di.’   Yvonne – Hull

‘Di was really lovely and a brilliant teacher, she paced the day really well with a good mix of theory and practical work.’   Jan – Ilkley

‘Absolutely lovely Lady, full of energy and so calming. Fabulous knowledge and an excellent tutor.’   Jacqui – Darlington

‘The venue that Di works from is a very calming and open space. Di was very welcoming and it was easy to feel relaxed in her company. The day passed very quickly and the course was very thorough. There is plenty of time to absorb the foundations of meditation and how to run a class using meditation techniques that are suited to each individual teacher. I came away feeling confident in my ability to teach meditation in the future. I enjoyed my day and would recommend Di and the venue of her chapel.’   Maureen – Durham

‘Di was fantastic. She made us feel at ease straight away. Her direction and explanations were very clear. Whilst observing she gave a good balance of advice to improve and praise when we did well. I was not afraid to ask questions – I think that is always a good sign.‘  Alison – Head Teacher, Hull

Di was an amazing tutor. I would definitely book another course with her. The venue was stunning and was all round a fab experience’  Helen – Bradford

‘Friendly and welcoming , very knowledgable and helpful regards gaining further knowledge. The session allowed us lots of hands on practising which resulting in myself feeling confident to try on others . Watch out !! Di was inspirational in believing that you can take take your career into a different direction as she had done her self years before. To do what you enjoy and share with others thank you.‘   Anna-Maria – Driffield

‘Third workshop I’ve attended recently with Di. All very good-well delivered with great support. The most recent one was this – Advanced and Deep Tissue Massage. Although all been excellent (previously did MFR and IHM) this is the one I think I will use the most-linking to Sports Massage. I will certainly be looking at others to attend with Di. Would recommend!’    Steve – University Lecturer, Teeside

A great training day with someone who is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject they deliver. Lots of one-to-one training with all skills and techniques explained and demonstrated clearly. Di ensured we had a great day: everyone was comfortable to ask questions and learn… training as it should be!  Michaela, Durham

‘Di. was vey welcoming and friendly with a thorough approach. An outstanding expert in her field of knowledge. Her method of teaching was easy to understand which made for a very enjoyable day, and I feel I have benefited greatly from this course. A very big thank you to Di.’  Yvonne, East Yorkshire