Di Wilson


Hi, thanks for connecting with me and my website.

My name is Di, my married name is Fox, but I still use my maiden name of Wilson for work.

Being blessed with a mum as a professional clairvoyant medium meant that I grew up with an understanding of spirit and energy at an early age. I started my working life as a primary school teacher and had many magical moments in the classroom, I adore kids and one of my dreams for the future is to set up a charity that would bring healing work into schools. Reiki initiated many changes in my life, one of them being to leave teaching children to become a full time therapist and teacher of my new loves, Energy Healing, Massage and Meditation.

I received my Reiki Masters in 1995 & have since experienced many special hours, both teaching and practicing healing. I have both B.Ed (hons) and M.Ed degrees, HNC holistic therapy and Masters in Reiki/Seichem. I have also trained in EFT, TAT, hypnotherapy, NLP and a variety of healing modalities. I have studied Meditation and holistic health for many years and have worked with some wonderful teachers including Deepak Chopra.

I was proud to be the first European certified instructor of Quantum-Touch®; I have had people travel from all over Europe, and even as far away as Nigeria, St. Lucia and the West Indies, to do workshops with me. I teach with much passion and enthusiasm drawing from many years working with healing and using energy techniques with hundreds of people. 2014 saw me teaching my own energy healing modality, Quantum Breath Energy Healing, sharing this with others is very special, the course has been accredited so practitioner status can be achieved.

Healing is my life’s work & it gives me much joy to offer treatments & classes. I have had the pleasure of being able to offer healing energy to people from all walks of life, including famous models, actresses and European royalty. I offered Reiki to the Crown Princess of Norway when she was pregnant, I had the amazing thought: ‘I’m offering a future King or Queen Reiki while still in the womb!’

Teaching healing is my main passion, to empower people with ‘healing hands’ is quite magical, knowing that they can then use this energy to be ‘more of who they are’, to let go of pain, fear, negative emotions and beliefs and begin to find their true self and purpose. I am aware that as each workshop participant then begins to share this energy, healing ripples flow outwards touching many – and this is what my purpose is all about – to help to send these quantum ripples around the world!

My vision is for the whole world to be ‘touched’ – the love, peace and light that energy healing facilitates is awesome. Healing practitioners need to be in every family, school, office, prison, hospital ward, supermarket! My enthusiasm for healing and joy at being able to share it is immense. I teach with integrity, compassion and humour, I believe that healing work should be ‘light’ and simple.

I live in Staintondale, between Whitby and Scarborough, North Yorkshire. A beautiful place with moors and coast. I am married to Conrad and we have two gorgeous teenagers Taran, and Aiyana. Aiyana was born very quickly in our bathroom with the aid of healing energy and no midwife!


I have been a certified tutor with Gateway Workshops for 9 years, offering a fabulous range of certified classes. I am very proud to be part of the Gateway team and have enjoyed teaching classes in London, Scotland and Manchester as well as in Yorkshire.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries or comments,

Namaste, Di x


I honour the place in you, in which the entire universe dwells.
I honour the place in you, which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace.
And when you are that place in you, and I am that place in me,
We are one, namaste, namaste, namaste