Level 1 Class - £200

This introductory two day workshop teaches you the basic techniques of Quantum Breath, working with meditation, the breath, the chakras and simple hands on healing techniques. We work with self-healing and also practice with partners and small groups so that students can become familiar with using the Quantum Breath techniques and observe and feel the changes that Quantum Breath facilitates.

This course is for beginners and experienced alike no previous experience necessary, ideal for those looking to expand their healing skills (eg. Reiki practitioners) or those simply seeking more harmony and well-being.

Learn to:-

  1. Use the power of intention and attention to initiate change.
  2. Use meditation as a tool for focus and self-healing.
  3. Use specific breathing and visualisation techniques to increase energy flow.
  4. Channel the flow of life force energy through the body for self healing.
  5. Focus on grounding techniques to utilise when doing healing and meditation work.
  6. Explore chakra energy and include this in meditation and healing practice.
  7. Work with empathy, intuition and joy when offering healing sessions.
  8. Use healing mantras for meditation and group healing.
  9. Use a simple technique to align C1, C2 in the cervical spine.
  10. Be in a state of gratitude and 'allowing'.

Level 2 Class (Practitioner Level) £220

The Level 2 class expands on the initial techniques with an emphasis more on emotional healing.

Learn to:-

  1. Focus on balance, harmony and connection in meditation and healing work.
  2. Work with the 'Heavenly Triangle' technique for spiritual alignment.
  3. Work with different breathing techniques to help with emotional healing.
  4. Explore working with an extended chakra system (the emerging chakras) for self-healing and hands on work.
  5. Work with distant healing techniques.
  6. Connect with and understand colour and offer vibrational colour healing to others.
  7. Use a 'choices' method of emotional healing with the breath.
  8. Work with gentle touch techniques alongside the sustained breath work.
  9. Explore working 'without hands' to offer healing sessions
  10. Experience gentle Quantum Breath methods for promoting mental well-being.
  11. Utilise specific energy medicine techniques to balance and calm the energetic body.
  12. Work with higher energies to enhance the healing experience.

We also cover the practicalities and responsibilities of being a professional energy healer.

It is possible after the level 2 class to get insurance and offer Quantum Breath Energy Healing professionally.


Quantum Breath Energy Healing has now been certified to be taught online via Zoom.

This is a 10 hour live class, level 1  & 2 classes are now in the schedule.

The cost of the level 1 online class is £100, if at any point in the future online students wish to also do the classroom training, this will be offered at a discount of £100.

The cost of the level 2 class is £200, with a £50 charge for then attending an optional live class at a future date.

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Quantum Breath Energy Healing Classes are accredited with:

BCMA (British Complementary Therapy Association), The Healer Foundation and IHPM


Everyone has the ability
to offer healing light.

Link your love to your hands
and know that you can make a difference.