Mum has always been an amazing example to me for being brave, in her life she’s been independent, courageous, crazy, stubborn, ridiculously hard working, wise, caring and always authentic. Many of you will have connected with Betty and know that she worked as a clairvoyant / medium, in fact she was the best! She served God and Spirit and stepped up to shine her light for many decades, yet at the same time she was challenged, ignored, scorned, ridiculed and experience extreme prejudice. Obviously when this happened (and it still does) mum would feel hurt and disempowered, yet she has always been brave enough to continue to be her authentic self, to shine regardless. What an example she has been!
There are days still when I remind mum ‘What other people think of you is none of your business’ (another Wayne Dyer Quote, who incidentally shared the 10th of May birthday with mum), Mum, like everyone, tends to still worry about what ‘others’ think. A perfect example, she won’t mind me sharing this, she hid some newly purchased wool recently in case her neighbour saw it and judged her for wasting money! She came clean the following day and everyone laughed over it.
So the next time that you are tempted to change your behaviour, clothes, life, to dilute yourself or be someone that you are not, please remember Betty, remember how brave you too can be. Be brave enough to be yourself, be true to yourself, and then you are being a gift to everyone around you, for them to be authentic too.
If you struggle with this then spend some time with children. Four year old Hollie-Mae visited us yesterday, she reminded me of how pure, gorgeous and truly honest children are. They haven’t learned to adjust their behaviour to be liked, they say things as they are and know they will still be loved. And look how brave she was grooming a pony who was so so much bigger than her! If four year olds can be this courageous, so can we 🙂