What do you choose to welcome?

I’ve been enjoying working with clients with a variety of energy healing practices recently and I always ask, ‘What do you want?’, we then work on being open to welcoming whatever it is their response is and moving away any blocks to them receiving. Often when I ask this question clients tell me what they don’t want! It’s funny how they can clearly verbalise what they don’t want, yet often find it difficult to really define what they do want. Are you the same?
I challenge you this summer to really think about what you do choose to welcome – be that vibrant health, abundance, love, joy, connections, freedom, friendship, purpose … Once you know your choice keep your focus on your choice, maybe have a new affirmation, for example. ‘I welcome vitality and joy’, and simply by having that affirmation you will see more things around that will encourage you to connect with your choice. You may also recognise that it’s within your power to keep making this conscious choice to welcome your desire. To keep your focus on what you do want.
In the photo below I am standing in a stone circle, very close to home. It’s a place where I feel vitality and joy, however I also recognise that it is absolutely my choice and power to feel vitality and joy wherever I stand! Yes it’s great to ‘top up’ in a stone circle but I can choose to feel this anywhere, and so can you.
I wish you a magical summer with an abundance of all that you choose, for me that’s vitality, joy, family time and fun 🙂